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About Us

At Granite Fitness & Performance, our approach is what makes us the best Gym in the Dover area, and we have proudly continued that philosophy since 2018. We asked ourselves what is vitally important to our clients, and we arrived at a method that is efficient and effective. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this or are just ready to take it to the next level. At Granite Fitness & Performance, we will help you get where you want to go.



We are proud to offer the Seacoast area a best-in-class training facility. We ensure that our gym and all of the equipment and gear remains well maintained, and meticulously clean and sanitized. We are constantly making updates and improvements to ensure the best experience for anyone who steps foot through the door. We are conveniently located directly off of the Spaulding Turnpike, Route 108 and offer ample parking.

Some of our gym's amenities include:

- Men's & Women's locker rooms with multiple shower stalls & lockers

- Ideal layout to host both group fitness and individualized training sessions

- Top of the line equipment

- Peloton bikes & treadmill

-Strength & Conditioning room with arena turf

Meet The Team


Ian Duffy


Ian Duffy is the owner of Granite Fitness and Performance, and both a lifelong athlete and resident of Dover. He hopes to give back to the Seacoast area by providing a clean, safe, state-of-the-art facility for people to train. Ian’s main areas of expertise are functional strength and conditioning, injury prevention and athletic performance enhancement. He understands how the body works and believes strongly that movement quality effects long term health and fitness. 


Ian is passionate about helping people find their place in the gym and help athletes perform the best at their sport.  He wants to help people reach their full potential using training methods that help, not hurt - believing you should never have to push through pain to achieve the results you desire in the gym.


Ian has a degree in Human Science concentrated in Human Performance from the University of Tampa. His passion for continuing his education has lead him to obtain his Functional Movement Screen Level 1 (FMS-L1) Certification along with his Certified Functional Strength Coach Level 1 Certification (CFSC-L1) and his National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Training Certificate (NASM-CPT).


Ian strives to empower his clients with the knowledge and skills they need to continue to improve throughout their lives. He is available for personal training and he coaches sports performance groups and functional strength and conditioning classes. 


Jake Shollar

General Manager & Personal Trainer

Jake is a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University with a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and Exercise Science with a minor in nutrition. His goal is to improve the lives of gym members through health and performance initiatives while supplying a positive and uplifting environment. What separates Jake from others is his diversity in training methods. While sticking to the most up to date research on training principles, Jake has a desire to both educate and create diverse workout plans that keep the workouts interesting while providing the most effective methods.

Jess Old Headshot.jpeg

Jessica Machaby

Personal Trainer

"For as long as I can remember, I've been interested in the fitness world and improving my own health. As I got older and realized I could use that interest to help other people, I knew personal training was in my future. My goal is to help prevent injury, teach people how to improve functional strength, and to help each client I work with reach personal fitness goals."

Jess believes in the functionality of fitness and loves to help others find their true fitness potential. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of New England and a Master's Degree from Adelphi University; both in Exercise Science. She has also earned a Certified Personal Training Certificate from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Kara Pavlidis

Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer

"I love nothing more than to change people's lives. With nutrition coaching, my goal is to facilitate and encourage healthy eating behaviors that emphasize whole foods and balanced nutrition. It is extremely gratifying to see a client's confidence change over time, when they realize they have become healthier and more fit, which may have been something they never thought they could accomplish. I will go the extra mile for my clients. I understand that behavior change takes time and there will be many moments of self-doubt, but also many victories. I am there for all of it. With my enthusiasm and empathy, I guide and empower my clients to determine why they want to make a change and help them learn to take responsibility for their own health so they can achieve long-term, positive lifestyle changes."

Kara is the owner of her own business Tri-Life Nutrition, LLC. She has partnered up with us and brings many services to the table: personalized 1:1 nutrition coaching, including meal guidance, dietary preferences/allergies, athlete nutrition, weight management and more. All of which help lead you to improvements in your overall health and/or athletic performance.

For more information on Kara please visit her website by clicking the button below!

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