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Adult Functional Training Programs


Adult Groups at GFP are designed to improve your quality of life and help you achieve better health. Our programs are tailored to each individual’s level within the group. Become part of our GFP community and see what all the hype is about!


These groups are available two to three times per week depending on your availability and needs. A coach leads the group from start to finish with motivation and guidance. This hour is as close to personal training as you can get minus the financial burden 1-on-1 training can bring. The session begins with soft tissue (foam rolling) work and movement quality with an emphasis on stretching and muscle activation. A dynamic warmup into a plyometric circuit concludes the warmup. Then we hit the strength floor for three circuits incorporating full-body movements to ensure well-rounded strength. We will always finish the hour with heart-healthy conditioning which can be anything from pushing sleds, to riding bikes, to shuttle runs.